Laser Treatments

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Lasers might bring comic books or spy movies to your mind, but there are countless real-world applications for them. At Petrin Dermatology in Redmond, Washington, Dr. James Petrin and the skin care team use lasers to reduce body fat, tighten your skin, and heal blemishes. To add laser treatments to your skin-improvement routine, call Petrin Dermatology or book your consultation online today.

Laser Treatments

How does laser treatment work?

Dermatologists are increasingly implementing the use of lasers to help improve patients’ skin and achieve a variety of clinical and cosmetic goals. The team at Petrin Dermatology provides laser treatments with two industry-leading laser devices. 

Lasers are concentrated beams of light that are powerful enough to shine through the layers of your skin. Since each laser contains only one light wavelength, it can be used to target just one kind of cell or tissue while completely surpassing other nearby types. 

The energy from lasers heats your skin cells and stimulates a healing process within your body. It causes your skin to grow more collagen and elastin, two fibrous proteins that keep your skin strong, tight, and youthful.

What laser treatments can I get?

Petrin Dermatology offers two lasers to achieve a wide range of treatment goals. They are:

Exilis® Elite

The Exilis Elite laser device delivers energy to heat the deep layers of your skin. It reduces your body fat and helps tighten your skin by increasing collagen growth. Using the Exilis Elite, you can tighten and reduce your love handles, breasts, abdomen, thighs, and even your neck and jawline.

Palomar Icon™ 

The Palomar Icon laser is praised among dermatologists and aestheticians for its versatility. It has numerous settings according to your skin type and what you’d like to target. With it, you can reduce blemishes, scars, and body hair while improving your skin’s strength and overall quality. 

Do laser treatments hurt?

Although patients tolerate laser treatments differently depending on their skin sensitivity and pain tolerance, most report that they feel no more than a sting, if anything, during a laser procedure. Laser treatments don’t require anesthesia or numbing cream most of the time, but your provider may offer you a numbing cream if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Laser treatments tend to be less comfortable if you target a larger area. Lasers may also cause more discomfort if you have a darker skin tone because it absorbs more light. Your provider helps you create a treatment plan that minimizes any anticipated discomfort.

If you’d like to add laser treatments to your treatment plan for improved skin health or aesthetics, call Petrin Dermatology or book an appointment online today.