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Exilis Elite Specialist

James H. Petrin, MD -  - Board Certified Dermatologist

Petrin Dermatology

James H. Petrin, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist located in Redmond, WA

Is your body covered in loose, billowing skin that affects its shape and contours? At Petrin Dermatology in Redmond, Washington, James Petrin, MD, and his team can reduce your wrinkles and recontour your body with Exilis® Elite radiofrequency treatments. To learn more about the process and start designing your treatment plan, call Petrin Dermatology or book an appointment online today.

Exilis Elite

What is Exilis Elite?

Exilis Elite is a state-of-the-art energy treatment device that the team at Petrin Dermatology uses for skin tightening. The device includes two handpieces: one for facial treatments and one for body treatments. The Exilis Elite delivers radiofrequency energy combined with ultrasound energy and a soothing cooling effect to the skin in your specified treatment areas.

The heat from the radiofrequency energy dismantles the network of collagen within your skin. Collagen is a protein fiber that keeps your skin strong and firm. The disruption from Exilis Elite causes your collagen fibers to start rebuilding and become stronger, which makes your skin tighter and firmer on the surface. 

Additionally, the radiofrequency energy disrupts fat cells in the areas that you target. In the weeks following your treatment, your body absorbs and eliminates many of your fat cells. 

What are the results of an Exilis Elite treatment?

Exilis Elite can treat fine lines on your face, deep wrinkles and skin folds, and everything in between. While the treatment isn’t a substitute for natural weight loss, you can also use it to target pockets of unwanted, hard-to-lose fat that you’d like to reduce. The overall tightening effect makes you look slimmer and more contoured in your face or body. 

Specific features that you can target and improve with Exilis Elite include:

  • Facial jowls
  • Turkey neck
  • Loose arm skin
  • Saddle bags
  • A flabby tummy
  • Love handles

Your provider at Petrin Dermatology designs treatment with your specific goals in mind. They may advise you to have 2-6 treatment sessions to get the results you want.

How long do the results of Exilis Elite last?

Generally, the results of a treatment with Exilis Elite are semipermanent. However, your skin doesn’t magically stop aging, so you’ll eventually see your wrinkles reappear with time. You can continue getting Exilis Elite and other skin-tightening treatments in the future if you’d like to maintain the results.

Any fat cells that go away because of an Exilis Elite treatment are gone for good. As long as you continue living a healthy lifestyle and don’t gain a bunch of weight in the future, your body stays contoured permanently.

To learn more about Exilis Elite and start designing your body-reshaping treatment plan, call Petrin Dermatology or book an appointment online today.